Questions on Outdoor Access Points

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If we haven’t already let it slip enough in various settings, one of the next round of products we are going to produce will be an outdoor rated access point. We can’t commit to any delivery dates just yet, as we are still in the design and engineering phase. That being said, we would love to hear what you think about the following:

  1. How often are you mounting your outdoor APs to a pole, versus a surface? 100% of the time? 50% of the time?

  2. If you are pole mounting, is there a typical pole size (diameter) you are using or seeing more often than not?

  3. If we included a pole mount with our outdoor AP, would you use it? Or do you already have a default pole mount solution you use and would rather us not include the pole mount?

  4. If we do include a pole mount, would you also like us to include the pole clamps/straps? Or do you generally source your own that you like?

  5. Are there any other requirements you come across in your projects that specify out door access points we should know about and may need to consider as we finalize the design?

Thanks in advance for taking the time to provide input here and helping us shape one of our future products!

  1. For me personally it’s probably 75% to the sides of structures, 25% poles.

  2. In my area, the average for poles has been 1.5"

  3. This is a tough one. I think there will be LOTS of opinions. For me, I have always had to use something other than what was included because each situation is so unique.

  4. If you are going to include some kind of mouse, please make it stainless. Standard steel straps or plastic zip ties are not the answer.

  5. I would love if there was an option for a version with a second network port with POE passthrough. I know it is not always ideal to have to use this, especially outside, but so it goes. I would also love the option for directional and omni antenna choices.

  1. Pole mount is a must. I’d say it’s probably a 60%/40% split between pole and wall mount for most of my installers

  2. Typical pole size would be 50mm

  3. The mount needs to be available as an option. Doesn’t necessarily need to be included in the package

  4. If pole mount is included, straps should be included as well, as long as they are good quality and not just zip ties…. Like some “other” vendors have done in the past

  5. Mesh range, and the ability to use larger antennas when required. UV stability of any and all plastic surfaces are critical. Soooo many instances of outdoor APs from various vendors falling to pieces after just a few months.

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1 50 /50 some times to a fence
2 what i can get hold of usually standard pole for tv ariel
3/4 its also hard to say due to exisiting structure i say yes but make it so it can be adjusted position
5 i would like to see it be colored black dark color / blend in to the area green blend in to the wall / area

  1. We are probably the polar opposites of most…but we are probably sitting at 80% pole mounted and 20% surface mounting…mainly due to the kind of deployments we do.
  2. I would seriously consider 1" to 3" as the standard and even offer a secondary mount (for purchase of course (maybe as a secondary SKU)) that could mount up to 8" poles…alot of our outdoor deployments are setup on 8" to 12" poles…but again we are weird…and we accept that… :wink:
  3. Personally I like to use a consistent mounting solution…and if the vendor’s mount is better than what is available on the market…I will gladly use that, less moving parts in the BOM too…case and point, Mist’s outdoor mount is one of my favorites…but it can also be tricky because it’s an articulating mount.
  4. If the straps or clamps are high quality, again I’d much rather use what comes in the box…keeps BOMs simpler and less reliance on techs keeping track of “stock” in the trucks…I’d gladly pay a little more for the box to have everything I need to install (baring cable, I get it), rather than forcing the guys to keep count. It’s one more thing that will turn a 1 day install into a week long ordeal.
  5. IF yall choose 24v Passive as the PoE option, PLEASE add a 802.3af/at/bt to 24v Passive converter in the box. Also, IF you go with an external Antenna option… please reinforce the connectors with more than just the AP Case…one more thing…the ground strap on the mount HAS to also be able to support the weight of the AP if it were to fall off the mount…I mean if we all do our jobs right that shouldn’t happen…unfortunately I have seen it happen with WAY too many 1505/1510/1524/1572(s)…thats a HEAVY AP and could do some real damage to a person or equipment at any height.

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We most times mount to sides of building under the eves for protection. We replaced a few public wifi ap’s ( Ubiquiti Outdoor+'s and two mesh with external antennas with AP6-Pro’s. We had a few delays due to issues with onsite poe switches however that has been resolved.

I agree on quality mounting hardware! I have issues with my staff using junk ones they have from other vendors gear breaking and causing damage.

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Thanks @Magician :slight_smile:

I prefer a pole mount almost all the time. I don’t like putting my radios up against hard surfaces so even if putting an outdoor AP on a wall I want to offset it a bit. Outdoor walls are very typically some hard material that isn’t very nice on RF. Space it out a bit and you get a noticable improvement in most APs.