Question on what I need

Ok so i’m new to this networking thing so bear with. The internet for the new house is coming into where the I/E is on the plan which is basically a cupboard under the stairs. The house has pre-installed ethernet ports (New build) two downstairs marked with an E, and one in the main bedroom.

Id probably get the 8 port switch and a AP-pro but if I was going to put it under the stairs is that a terrible placement for it? If I add another AP in the bedroom upstairs am I going to need to power it somehow or will the power come through the ethernet from the switch or would I need to power it too?

I cant be putting holes in the walls or ceilings for two years to not invalidate my new house warranty.


Hi Fellow MattH :slight_smile:

I think for that size space it should work fine, and I don’t think putting it under the stairs would be bad. I could see maybe spreading it out a bit if possible to reduce poor-signal areas, like on the right side


Hello :slight_smile:

Only problem is I cant get it into that space as there isn’t a ethernet port in bed 4, as it’s a new build I cant put any holes in the walls or ceilings until after two years so my only options would be where the (E)'s are unless there is a way to wirelessly join the APs.

I could put one on my desk in the Study downstairs (would the power from the POE+ switch the 8 port one carry through the ethernet to the study without needing an injector?) and I could then put one upstairs on a wall maybe in Bedroom 1 so the upstairs but they are still only both at the front of the house that way…

It really depends on the needs of that location. The devices automatically mesh, so you can use a PoE Injector and hide the AP somewhere, or put it on the TV stand etc. It will automatically link wirelessly with another hard-wired AP. So that’s another option.

But I think the coverage should be fine with your proposed design. You could always test it and add an additional AP that wirelessly uplinks :slight_smile:

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Hi All,

We reached out to Matt directly but, for the benefit of others, we have placed this floorplan into the site surveying/planning software that we use here at LinITX and set the main construction materials of the walls based on the information provided by Matt in our conversation.

Please see the simulated results below for different placements.

Ground Floor - Under Stairs

Ground Floor - Study

First Floor - Bedroom

First Floor - Landing (Central)

Which software did you use for the survey?

We use NetSpot 3 for our simulated plans (as above) and on-site, physical surveys.

Thanks for doing these Frazer, looks like central in both cases would be best, i’ll have to put the starter pack on my list of items to get when I move in. :slight_smile:

Let us know how it works!