Proper Bug tracking system

One of the thing that is most irritating with Unifi is messy bug reports in the forum and near impossibility to properly report bugs and have any overview of milestones for next FW releases (if you problem and/or feature will be there).
In comparison pfsense has good bug reporting system that offers good overview bug, if work has started and upcoming milestones.

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Welcome Voggur and great call out.

Git has a great way to manage something like this.
Perhaps the Alta team has a good way to support these, emailing support ( may be the method desired. That also takes us to another portal and login.

Having a tag value of bug would be helpful here as a way to bring visibility to possible bugs. Tying the bug fixes to releases would be great and probably reduce the manual responses.

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Hi, we definitely have internal tracking for bug reports, but let me know what kind of ideas or things you’d like to see in a public facing version. I was thinking about integrating something with the forum, but wasn’t sure how successful it’d be…

Either way we want to be as transparent as possible :slight_smile:

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I personally like the approach git has.
Enhancements/defects/… can get reported/requested. Easy to use the query to filter by tag, search off of and a very quick at a glance look of all the items and their status.
Example here: Issues · payloadcms/payload · GitHub

Thanks for the consideration.