Problems with the download/upload settings at the access point

Have created a Wifi, unfortunately the setting with the download/upload limit does not work on my Windows 11 laptop. When I am connected to this Wi-Fi with my Iphone, the download and upload is regulated, unfortunately not on the Windows 11 PC.

Hi @TomLeo,

I attempted to reproduce this and got pretty darn close to the expected limitations on a Windows 11 PC. The network in question is limited to 30mbps download and 10mbps upload; my results being 29.58mbps download and 10.06mbps upload.

It looks like the dropdown closed when you took the screenshot of your configuration, so I’m not sure what your limitations are set to. Could you clarify that, please?

Now i have tested.

I have now done a test, it works on the mobile phone. unfortunately not on the laptop. see screenshots… have saved the settings at the access point. I’m using both devices in the Friends Wifi.

have now created a wifi without a password. on the mobile phone I have the set value. but laptop unfortunately doesn’t. See screenshot

I have reconnected both devices to the wifi. No password required

I’m looking into this right now, waiting to hear back from a dev. Just wanted to let you know I didn’t forget you.

We are aware of an issue that breaks the speed limitations approximately 10% of the time. A reboot of the AP should fix it in the short term.

Do you happen to have any non-native VLANs set up at all on the AP?

The developers have expressed interest in checking out your site since you seem to be able to reliably reproduce the issue to the best extent we’ve seen. If you’re up for that, I’d kindly request holding off on rebooting the AP until they can get in there and poke at it.

I have restarted the Access Point. On My iPhone the Limit is still exist. On My win11 Laptop i became the Full Speed of My Internet Speed.