Problems with 160Mhz and automatic settings

I have 2 AP6-Pro access points, if I run them with 160Mhz - 5Ghz I have various problems, even with the wifi settings when I set them to automatic. currently I run the access points with the following settings

maybe any of you have any tips so I can use the DFS etc. Unfortunately, most devices then halve the bandwidth or other problems occur. Report Devices, Wi-Fi Disconnect, Wi-Fi Connect, etc…

Sorry to hear about your troubles. I’ve written some questions, which should help troubleshoot the issues your encountering. Can you please let me know about the following when you have a moment? Thanks!

  • Can I please get clarification on what you mean by halving the bandwidth? Do you mean that when the AP bandwidth is set to 160MHz, the client connects at 80MHz? Or when at 160MHz, you’re seeing less than half the expected throughput? Or something else?

  • The other major issue is that devices experience frequent disconnects? Is it all clients? Or only certain client device(s)?

  • Are you able to select and use DFS channels? Or are they not listed?

  • Do these similar issues occur when using <=80MHz bandwidth?

  • What firmware is running on your APs?

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