Pro remote working home office

Howdy all! Just jumped on the Alta fan bus. I picked up an ap6 pro starter kit (2 AP and a POE switch) from KD Electronics here in Cork, Ireland.

I was using m9 plus mesh inside the house from TP link but we had a power surge and they all died apart from one. POE makes more sense and less cables. We probably need to get another indoor AP at some point too.



We have a fairly new house with cat6 cabling and we still have 2x dumb 3com 24 port switches that I might replace at some point. We have a 1GB fibre connection coming in and we share it with the farm using a point to point outdoor system from LingoWave that we also picked up from KD Electronics. So it made sense to try and do an upgrade on our wifi.

The only thing I couldn’t get working was the POE from the switch to the LingoWave so I had to keep the driver. Would have been nice to make some more room in our coms cab.

Would love to try out the Outdoor AP to bridge the network between our home network and the family farm. They can’t get fiber due to the distance from the road to the farm. Might be an ideal use case for the outdoor system as there is clear line of sight.

You might see in the before photo that I have a rock64 cluster that I run a kubernetties cluster on. So I might also give the beta controller a go. Has anyone tried it yet?


Awesome story! Thanks for sharing…,
Let us know if you figure out the PoE issue