Port LEDs are awesome looking, but might be a bit much

I wanted to share this for the Alta team. I love the bold bright colors on the LEDs for the switch ports… but they are a bit much in my opinion. This is a low light picture taken this evening. That eerie purple blue glow in the background is the LEDs from the switch ports! Not only that, but only 3 of those 8 ports are active!

Is there any possible way to turn those off from the CLI in places where they are disrupting like this?


Have you tried poking around in the ui ? ( mines on the way, so i can’t confirm but should know in a few days )

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You can disable and change colors on the main “status” LED in the logo from the UI.

I have actually never seen a switch that has given the user access to disable the port LEDs, but hey, Alta is so awesome at listening to new ideas, I figured it was worth a shot to ask!

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Hey guys, great feedback that I also shared with the team when I hooked up my 8 port as well!

It’s more so the brightness than the color. We’re definitely aware of this concern and are actively discussing the topic internally.

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We have a ticket in to see if we can decrease the brightness :sunglasses:


The future’s so bright… Alta users have to wear shades! :sunglasses:


Any progress on this Matt?

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Nothing yet. We’re all in agreement they it does need to be less fusion-ey lol. Last I saw the ticket was being worked on, though, so it definitely has a lot of eyes on it (with sunglasses, for safety).


I like the TP-Link Deco feature which turns the indocator lights off in the evening and then it turns the indicator lights on again in the morning. Ubiquiti does not have that feature built in, so you need to turn the indicator lights permanently off if you have an AP in the bedroom

I agree the LED scheduling is a nice feature. Grandstream has that available as well. We are actually talking about the port LEDs here though, which I am not aware of any vendor currently letting you control the brightness of.

Small update here. We don’t have the ability to control the brightness of the LED, unfortunately. However, it appears as though they can be turned off, so that’s a bit of a step in the right direction. We’re looking into the best approach moving forward.

I’ll add the idea about time based disabling into the ticket.

I am absolutely fine with just being able to turn them off at night on a schedule. That would allow us to keep the super cool LEDs, but not have them bother people at night!

Are there any updates on this one team? I had to unplug my small switch from the guest room until this feature is available. :frowning:

Alta comes through once again guys and gals!!

Everyone can remove their sunglasses now. :sunglasses::slightly_smiling_face:

Shame they are not dimmable. Maybe at least consider slightly less bright LEDs in future hardware revisions :slight_smile: