PoE Suddenly Dead

Today the PoE output on my 16 port switch stopped. Swapped cables and devices and nothing will power from it. Also went to the port and turned PoE on but nothing. I know the phone is good because now I’m powering it with another switch. What do you all need from me to help figure this out?

Oof, that’s no fun

Oh, that’s not good. Some logs or info from the device should help.

Was it the only device that was powered via the switch at the time of issue? Did you happen to grab the device log file near the time of issue? You’ll need to connect via SSH, then on device they’re found at /var/log/messages. Or by chance were you exporting logs? Does dmesg show anything?

Can you check the output of the command poe -p 0 for the port you encountered the problem on? Port numbers start at 0, so please replace the zero with a number from 0-7 (mapped to port 1-8, respectively, for the PoE ports on the switch). I am going to guess that it shows 0 for voltage, current, and consumption, but maybe it’ll show something else.

If the logs have already rotated/there is nothing from the time of issue, maybe power cycle it and check if anything is logged after boot (in both the messages file and the dmesg output).

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@Willie_Howe Was this POE issue resolved?

It isn’t yet – and it’s on me. I have to hook the switch back up and run the commands – I had to swap it out so I could carry on at the moment.

Did you ever take a look at this? I wanted to check in because firmware 1.2k contains updated PoE firmware. It could be worth checking out, but I’m not making any promises that it fixes anything…