PoE questions for 8 port switch budget

Hi team,
I’m coming from Ubiquiti so I still have 2 x 8 port (US-8-60W) switches right now until Alta releases the new ones.
When reading the Ubiquiti switch specs it says “Max. PoE Wattage per Port: 15.4 W”
When reading the Alta AP-Pro 6 specs its says “Maximum Power Consumption: 25 W”

  1. I guess the 60 W is the overall budget for all the 4 PoE ports?
  2. Does that mean I should only run maximum of 2 Alta AP-6 Pros on one switch? (3 will bring it to 75 W)
  3. Even though I only run 2 APs the maximum output per port is 15.4 W and the AP-6 Pros should have the possibility to 25 W? So the port output is the bottleneck?
  4. Will this make my APs unstable?
  5. What will the new 8 port switches from Alta provide decent PoE budget to cover 2-3 AP-6 Pros per switch and per port?

Im not home for a couple of days so I cannot look into the switch to see the PoE usage in “normal state”. I guess 25 W would be peak load and normal load 10-15 W? (Just a guess?)

The US-8-60W can do 802.3af on 4 of its ports, up to a maximum of 60W power budget for the whole switch. This is nominally about 15W per POE port, and that’s a maximum per port.

If the AP-Pro 6 is calling for 25W max, that’s 802.3at power at a minimum, and you won’t be able to power it with your US-8-60W.

Hey @zid ,

This is something we have already looked at and found that the peak wattage seems to be around 11 watts (with a couple of devices connected to the AP and running simultaneous speed tests to put some load through the device) when connected to a PoE injector and an ES-8-150W switch offering 802.3af out.

This then drops to around 6-7 watts when the AP is “idle”.

Based on this, you should find that you can have 4 AP’s connected in typical use but, as you have already alluded to, should the 25 watt peak be achieved on any of the devices then that AP would drop momentarily.

We are, however, yet to see or hear of any examples of this happening.

I hope this helps.

Technical Sales Team Lead


ES-8-150W will do 802.3af/at, from the specs.
US-8-60W will only do 802.3.af.

I don’t have an AP-Pro 6 to check, but I doubt it would power up at all on the US-8-60W.

@zid 25W is what was listed on our datasheet since this is maximum under 100% traffic load (radios txing full bore) and maximum temperature. But it’s safe to plan on 7-15W under normal use and temperatures. Hope that helps!

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Perfect, thanks!

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