Our first Alta test - Rakfiskfestivalen

Hi all.

I first got to know Alta through a meeting I had with Philip in Oslo together with EET.

He had a demonstration at EET-Expo which seemed very interesting.

I hadn’t really heard of Alta before, and have mostly installed and used UniFi.

We have an annual festival with us called the Rakfisk Festival, where they celebrate rotten fish…
watch Gordon Ramsey test the delicacy here: YouTube

Our mission at these festivals is to provide an internet connection for the artists, and ticket scanners.

The challenge here is that it is in 3 different locations, and temporary tents are used. Therefore, we cannot create a permanent solution.

The way we solved it this year was to deliver via 60Ghz, fiber and 4G.
The best thing about Alta’s solution was that we could manage the different locations from the same site, even if they were delivered on different technologies.
(I know it’s possible on others too, but this was very easy.)

As this was also to test the performance of Alta, we also set up an open network for the public, as well as set some points without cable, so that it had to connect to the others wirelessly.
We used both AP6 and AP6-Pro. Total 7 points.
We deliberately set up few points to be able to get a better test.

We configured it as follows:

Same SSID for the services we were to deliver, but with different passwords and speeds.

In addition, we set up an open network for the public with hotspot login. We made this in a different color to be able to easily cut it if it became too heavy.

Our experience is that this is something we will invest in and offer to our customers. Both companies and private individuals. Recommended to everyone.

Another thing I would like to promote as positive:

When we set up the open network, we found that the speed limits we set didn’t work. We sent an email to Alta, and in 24 hours the problem was solved. That’s what I call fast service.

I am looking forward to being part of this journey as I believe Alta will come up with many good solutions eventually. Especially since they are willing to listen to their customers.

Attached are some photos from the festival. (Unfortunately, I can only add 5 pictures, so it will be 5)


Very nicely done!

Fantastic work, Trond!

I’m excited to see what else we can do together!

This looks like a lot of fun, thanks for sharing! We need to get some of that Rakfisk over to our team to try :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing @TrondV ! Looks like I missed out on a great time! Love seeing Alta Labs being used to support this event!