One of my AP6 died and is not powering

Hi there,

All of sudden, one of my AP6 (I have three.) died and is not powering. I thought that it could be a cable issue or PoE issue, I tried to connect the dead AP6 to the places of other AP6s. Other AP6s are working with power; however the dead AP6 is not powering and keep showing as “disconnect” in my network page. I contacted the technical support regarding this on Dec 11, 2023 and Matt asked me to provide the serial number, symptom and the distributor that I bought the AP6 and I provided the information on Dec 12, 2023; however, I haven’t heard anything since then. Could you please proceed with the replacement since it is under the warranty?

Thank you.

Sorry to hear about that. I just took a look at your ticket. I have sent a few questions, and will submit the request for you. I’ll update it with your responses once I hear back. Thanks!

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Same here… I haven’t contacted support yet, but the coverage was reduced and I have some connectivity issues at the farthest sections of my house.

I found out this thread by searching for dead AP :frowning:

Hi, please contact us ( with all of the symptoms and troubleshooting steps you’ve taken and we’ll get you taken care of!


I just received my replacement AP, the support was quick and easy and the shipping was fast. I sent the “broken” one 21 of December and received the replacement model 28 of December. Considering it was Christmas, it was pretty fast.

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Hopefully that will be the only hiccup hardware wise!

But we need to remember that these are 1st gen devices (switches and APs).

I understand that having a problematic device is a pain in the a** BUT these devices provide better specs, faster Wi-Fi, and add a lot of features quickly… I think that it is acceptable once in a while to have small problems.

I don’t want to excuse them, but I think it is important to remember the global view.

I agree 100%. L3houx, it is nice to hear someone else with some patience that understands that new things can’t be expected to be perfect. I am encouraged by how much Alta listens and is working hard on their development.

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I forgot to comment on that thread but it takes 7 days (21 to 28 December 2023) between the time I sent the problematic one and the time I received the new one.

I also did a full review of my Alta labs experience, but it is in French.

Overall, problematic AP but a very good support. Thumbs Up Alta Labs for the support!