On The Road Again!

Living close to Nashville Tennessee seems to always have its fair share of interesting jobs, but recently we was giving the opportunity to help out a company that leases tour buses to the Nashville Stars. They came to me with the information that they was having Star Link’s mobile internet install and needed a solution for a controllable network. For the time being we was able to install an Araknis router using OVRC platform for our DHCP table and paired that with ALTA LABS AP6 Pro WiFi access point which allowed us to create a very professional and powerful Hotspot network which had the leasing company’s logo and welcomed them as they logged in. This made for a clean guest network for the bus and the professionalism for a high end business while being remotely managed as the bus travels around the United States. We appreciate the business from the leasing company and hope the musicians that just rolled out on tour sell out every venue.


This is incredible @BluegrassAudio ! What a unique install! Thanks for sharing!

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@Alta-Chase can we get an RV so we can test this setup? :wink:
Awesome install @BluegrassAudio !

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@Alta-MattH I already put a down payment on one for us last night after seeing this.


Great work @BluegrassAudio !!

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