Novice taking the plunge!

I know nothing about networking but just installed 2 AP pro’s and a 8 port switch. The results are fantastic!!! My guide was the Alta labs You tube videos. Any chance you could do some video’s that explain the advanced settings.


Glad you had a good first experience! Do you have any suggestions on what features you would like videos about?

VLAN Setup different Examples :slight_smile:

The advanced settings on the wifi section. Your YT videos keep it really clear and simple for beginners like me. Great work and cannot wait for new products !!!

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I also love the fact that experienced individuals are being listened to and feedback is appreciated. The experienced community will only make my life easier by looking at and helping to improve the experience for items that will ultimately improve things without me even realizing.

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What settings do you use with Alexa/Echo multi-room?

@NijaSan @TomLeo Thanks for the feedback on the videos! We will get these added to our production list. Please keep the request and ideas coming. We love creating the content!