Notes section for each network device, just like what you have for SSIDs already

I love the availability of the notes section for SSIDs. Thinking about what @SonNgo said in his story recently, it would be fantastic to see a notes section attached to each AP and Switch as well. Right now we keep notes about each device in a word file or excel sheet for each site. Having this information available right there on the controller would be amazing!!

. . .and if that notes could be exported in a form (from just a .csv to a nice graphical mapping, sky is the limit), that would be ideal. . .

You may agree that the whole purpose of documentation is mainly to be accessible when we deal a network problem, so it would be nice for an IT to have offline access to the same info without doing the job twice. For me, if I cannot have the same info nice and neat offline, I would still use excel and visio (or similar programs).

P.S. I realize my request would be low priority in your agenda (if included), as from the feature requests I read, there are much more helpful additions.