New Dashboard - Granular user permissions please

I would like to be able to invite users to my dashboard with more granular options. For example, I have a fellow IT person that I would like to invite as an admin to one particular site.

Another use case would be a client that wants her network managed, but she wants to be able to hop on and see the dashboard without making changes.


Great suggestions! I’ll run these up the flag pole.

As an installer with multiple techs working for me and working with other companies as their tech support, we really need a better way of handling permissions and setup. If I do not setup the units in my office before sending them out to the customer I would not have access unless my techs on site grant me access. Sure not a big deal, they just need to send me an email, but I get customer call late at night or on a weekend, I need to track down my tech and have them grant me access to I can trouble shoot. What happens when a tech leaves or gets fired and still has access to all the jobs they setup, now I have to log into each customer and make sure they are removed and hope the tech is not vindictive. A good solution to look at is what OvrC does, they offer levels of access. When one of my techs setups up an OvrC devices it is automatically added to my company dashboard.
Which also leads into having a better “Dashboard” and by Dashboard I mean for all my customer sites, not just the one site I happen to be on when I log in. It would be great to see all my customer site when I log into “” and have some quick stats (i.e. Customer name, location, if there are any off line devices, WAN address, total devices, uptime…) Again OvrC does a pretty good job (do not get me wrong there are things I would like to see improved or fixed with OvrC, it is by no means perfect). They just seem more focus on customer installers and managing multiple projects sites.
I really like Alta WAPs and switches and think they are far better than Araknis but they are not as easy for an installation team to manager. Right now I think the number one reason Araknis is still selling is OvrC.

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Thanks for the feedback here @Axon . We will review internally on how we can better support larger teams deploying Alta Labs from a management perspective.