New Dashboard -- Feedback?

Hi guys! We just pushed the newest dashboard to today. We’re excited about it so let us know what you think for a per-site dashboard.

Let us know any requests or if you see any issues, etc…



It’s nice and clean looking; I’d like to see it in action. Do you have a simulator? Or do I just log into

What technology is it built on? What database, what coding language, what preferred and supported OS?

Hey Todd!
We’re using a few different AWS technologies, that should easily scale to millions of devices.
It’s regionally distributed and prepared for fail-over if necessary.

I’ll see if we can get you a way to test the platform :slight_smile:

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Woohoo drag and drop of cards is now perfect :slight_smile:

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@Alta-MattH Looking good! I like the new Dashboard look per site. Here are a few suggestions thinking with a MSP or ISP deployment type scale mindset.

  1. I’d like the main dashboard when logging in to be “up” a level. For example, If I have thousands of sites (we give a managed AP to all of our FISP/WISP business customers) I want to see how many devices are online for all of my sites without having to go into each site dashboard. See the quick draft below.

  2. I really like the traffic graphs on the site dashboard, bringing this up a level as well to chart the APs online/offline would be good.

  3. Adding pre-set alarms based on a percentage change in devices would be nice. Although most users likely have other network monitoring in place, it doesn’t hurt.

  4. User Permissions - I give our internal staff Admin access without delete device permissions. I would need to invite staff to our portal as a global user to add and manage all sites rather than invite them to each site.

  5. First one to find the easter egg in my little global dashboard draft image wins a prize.

  6. Last suggestion for now, would be nice for some AP’s to magically appear in my portal for testing. :wink:


Really good mockup of a dashboard showing various components:

  • sites, devices, clients, throughput, status, alarms, experience, firmware updates etc…
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