New AP user and initial issues

Hi all.

Recently got the AP6 Pro, the initial setup was great. Being able to find the AP for setup via the browser manager was very cool and all the changes I make are so fast. Since then the experience has gone downhill somewhat.

  1. The iOS app tells me my login is wrong which it’s not since I am using the same password manager on my computers and they can login to the manager just fine. The only change is I enabled 2FA for my account so my guess is the app doesn’t yet support 2FA

  2. I copied my wifi settings from my previous AP and a lot of things like Apple devices just connected to the new Alta AP without issue but a few things just didn’t at all.
    The one I am focused on for the time being is the google nest mini which cannot see the wifi network at all, if I reset it and use the google home app to list the wifi network it’s simply not there.
    I can’t see a smart LG speaker or a drier either but one step at a time.

  3. I have 4 smart ceiling fans and they use the Tuya app to manage them. The Alta manager says they are there in the device list but doesn’t list an IP for them.

@dipstick Thanks for the note. Here are a couple of follow ups for you.

  1. Correct. Unfortunately the iOS app doesn’t support MFA, yet. This should go live in the next two days. Stay tuned!

  2. On the Nest minis, can you make sure the APs are on the latest firmware? Also, the minis as well? Finally, do you have PMF enables on the SSID you are trying to connect them to?

  3. On the Tuya based ceiling fans, can you verify if you have made any changes to the air time efficiency on the broadcasting SSID?

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Latest firmware on the AP and latest Google Home software afaik. PMF is not on.

I did try adjusting the air time efficiency down to the bottom value it would go but this didn’t appear to help. As I said they are “connected” to the IOT SSID but don’t list IPs for each device. Switched them back to the old AP and they worked instantly.

If both are updated, the Nest Minis should connect okay. Can you please share the WiFi and SSID settings? Please feel free to use chat or direct messaging here if you’d prefer.

What do you mean when you say you can’t see the LG smart speaker or drier? Like they’re connected, have an IP, but you can’t see them from your mobile devices or computers? Or they can’t connect to the network? Or something else?

I understand the Tuya based ceiling fans connect and don’t show an IP. You mentioned changing airtime efficiency. Were the fans always connected and not showing an IP? Or did they have issues connecting or maintaining connection that were resolved by enabling the low data rates? It sounds like the former, and enabling them didn’t change the behaviour, but I wanted to ask.

Please let me know at your convenience. Happy to help get to the bottom of your issues.

What is this device?
Its been there since day 1 and is there even when no devices are connected.


As for the other stuff I will start a ticket with support so I can share stuff without it being public.

Likely another wired device on the same subnet as your AP(s). I know there isn’t an IP, but there likely is a MAC. If you check the OUI then that would help narrow down what device it is. The OUI is the first 3 octets of the MAC.

Fair. I’ll keep an eye out for your ticket.