New AP Hardware Request

Dont know if this is the right area for this Topic or no. Admin please move the topic to relevant area as this is a Hardware Request.

We are based in India and mostly there are Brick walls which affects the coverage of Wi-Fi. Since the houses are big and sometimes it may happens that there is a drop of signal in some toilet or some internal areas.
I would request to Alta Team to develop a small device , even though the bandwidth is low , probably even if its not WiFi6 , but a small device which can be added to room (Wired/ with POE adapter over mesh) to improve connectivity. This should not be very expensive as clients sometimes dont want to add too much of cost for a single area.

We have been using Grandstream and they do have similar 1-2 models which are cost effective and solves the purpose.

Deepak Surana
Smart1 Solution
Delhi, INDIA