New Alta tester - AC 6-Pro

Hi to Alta!!! So happy you are building a new network device options for us installers and resellers!!!
I setup 1st AP in lab and for some reason when I connect my android to wifi on the new AP sitting 5 ft from it… it always only picks up the 2.4ghz instead of the strong 5ghz??? Unifi had a prefer 5ghz option?
Is there a setting that has to be on or changed to force 5ghz to close devices for speed?

2.4 channel 11 - low
5 channel 44 - high

Note: Soon routers to come please… include controller inside of it so all can be done on premise and fast processor and plenty of memory!!!

Welcome to the club! I had trouble connecting my Pixel to the 5Ghz network as well. I corrected this by going to Settings, selecting my network, dropping to Advanced Settings and adjusting the Air-Time Efficiency all the way to the left as such.

I’m not sure if it helped any, but I also set 5Ghz to bandwidth 160 on the network device setting on the AP



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Hi Mac!! Thank you very much…but still does not work on my OnePlus? I am testing with WIFIman and other apps and still same thing? My Unifi UDW sitting right beside it and when I switch back to it the phone connects 5ghz every time?

Think I figured it out with manually upping the 5ghz setting and now the phone is connecting fine everytime on 5ghz. Guess I would like to know is 18000 too much or too little to get the best out of these AP’s?? I always tweak all of Unifi AP’s and other brands too but I need to know the best tweak settings for Alta AP’s?

In my opinion you are very close to the AP and the signal is WAY too high. The antennas on these bad boys are really good. I bed if you were that close and turned the 5Ghz down to low, it would work without the need for that change.

Also, for your SSID, I would suggest going in and enabling all three bypasses.

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Yes Rutman286! I went and mounted it for testing and turned the settings back to auto and phone connects fine now to 5ghz about 40’ away from it.

I watched this video of how to install it but it does not show how to remove it from the bracket??

Removing is just a matter of twisting it side to side while pulling away from the mount. You’ll get the hang of it after a few times.

A little hack I learned as well, if you put just a tiny drop of dove soap on the end of the triangle points of the mount, it makes installing SOO much easier.

Oh GREAT idea!!! If all goes well after all my lab testing… I will for sure be buying these and replacing Unifi AP’s in the future.

Thank you!!!