New 16 & 24 Port switches -- Rack mount hardware feedback!

Hi everyone!
We’re getting ready to announce our 16 and 24 port switches (more to come)…

Just curious if you’d be ok with a toolless style mount hardware like:

Or do you need the standard hardware included?
Feedback welcome :slight_smile:



It makes sense to include either the rack studs or the standard rack nuts/screws, but not both.

On a short depth, light switch, I might try the rack studs. Something heavy, along the lines of a UDM-PRO/SE or Pro POE switch, I think I’d go for rack nuts/screws.

Just personal prejudices …


I agree, rack studs FTW with the light stuff! Anything deeper/heavier or classified as “pro” the standard rack nuts will be expected in the package.


I would say keep it simple. I can tell you the frustration when grabbing a handful of hardware during racking to re-racking and realizing there is more than one size / thread type screw in the bin… Always mismatch and don’t realize till your hands are full not trying to drop.

Now matt those are nice but realize there will be people using them to secure servers / shelfs and blame you. Don’t want another company x - hose clamp issues :slight_smile:


What’s up @Jordan_Goff! Good to hear from you … thanks for the feedback

@Magician keep it simple as in just simple hardware? Do you think most people would just prefer that or the Rack Studs?

I think I would prefer the “old fashioned” cage nut, so you always know the switch is mounted in a secure way. Maybe a little bit more work, but a solid solution.


Oh man i’d love to see these switches!

Will they have a POE and Non-POE option?

Any 8 port switches on the horizon?

Hardware wise, i might be old school but i do use the two bottom screws to hold up equipment (i know i shouldnt do that but i’m weak!) then i’m able to use one hand to lift up the device and hand screw in the top screws.

Rackstuds are cool but i’d hate to see these when its time to move equipment out and i cant use my power screw drive to remove screws fast.

To each their own!

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@SonNgo We have switches coming! At first, we will have an 8 port, 16 port and 24 port. All three will be PoE+. Pretty decent PoE budgets too. 60 watts, 120 watts and 240 watts, respectively. On the horizon, we will have non-PoE switches, full PoE switches and a bunch more.

On the mounting hardware, the Rack Studs can be used with a Philips screw driver, if you want! That way you can still go for a quick removal.


You guys have already got some pretty sweet mounting options with your TruGrip so I’m sure you’ll think of something as innovative for rack-mounting :wink:

I’m not a fan of standard cage nuts and we’ve moved to Rack Studs internally but I can see that this won’t suit everyone.


Generally i think either is fine because pro installers would already have 50-100 of there prefered type in there kit anyways and the included extras would just be for the one off installs that people dont do on a regular bases.

:bulb:I also like to give some added feedback on the power lead part if I may. Now a days I tend to use compact / shallow cages when building up network cabinets because of the limited space and its a big help when the included power cable has angled fitting so then your switch can make it tight with the back of the cabinet making better use of the space when needed. :slightly_smiling_face:

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@raematazz Thanks for the feedback on the power lead. Our first production runs will not be able to feature this. Would you mind adding this in the Feature Request section of the forum? That way we can better track it for future production runs.

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RackStuds for the win

I’d prefer to have neither included as I typically keep on hand my method of choice and usually discard what vendors include so i don’t end up with cage nuts/screw thread size/count mis matches.

I like the suggestion for an angle power connector.

Eaton suggested rack studs for equipment of 44 pounds (and less)

Check out Tom Lawrence doing a weight test with rack studs

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