Network activity not shown in dashboard

Today I have received my AP6 access point to test it.

I have had some trouble connection my MacBook Air, but that is fixed now. I don’t know what the problem was but if I get these problems more often I will report it here.

Right now I am connected with two devices on the Alta Labs AP6. My phone is one of them and it’s playing a YouTube video.

So data is consumed, but it is not displayed in network activity or device activity.
It looks like something is not quite right.

Do you have any advice on how to troubleshoot this problem?

I am logged on in my Alta Labs app on my iPhone, the network activity is shown there. But not on the website.

@Niels Thanks for the feedback, is it possible you can invite me to your site?

And I can look at it…

You have been invited.

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Hi, I am seeing network activity on the website. Can you post a screenshot?

Hello @Alta-MattH,

I forgot to mention that the Quick Scan and Full Scan both failed as well.

Now I also see the statistics again on the web page. Both scan functions now work as well.
Unfortunately, I cannot explain why this happened, but it now works as it should.

I will test for a few more days, thanks for the quick support!

Awesome, thanks for the update! Feel free to remove me from the site :slight_smile:
And let us know if it happens again…

I see the following in the chart:

Data is being generated which is also visible in the graph (see the red arrow).
This is not shown in the upload and download to the left of the graph.

It depends where your mouse cursor is, are you hovering over the most recent traffic?

I wasn’t hovering over the graph. I will look in to it this evening.

Thanks for your fast answer!

No problem, let us know if that was the issue!

I just took a quick look at the portal.

When I open the main page the real time activity is on the left, it shows the download and upload speeds without me holding the cursor on the graph.

Hi @Niels do you mean it shows it on the left of the graph? Can you show a screenshot?

For instance, here’s mine right now:

Yes, that was what I meant:

Sorry originally I was thinking you meant this window, when you hover over the timeline. It looks like in the first graph it shows the traffic dropped while it’s saying 0/0.

Has that happened again? It looks like it’s working now…

I’ll keep an eye on it if it happens again.

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