My First Alta Labs install

Greetings Community,

I recently just completed my First Alta Labs Install. Since 2020 I have been involved in building networks in custom built homes here in the Salt Lake Valley. Near Traverse ridge in the draper/Alpine Area of Salt Lake/Utah County. I originally started with Ubiquiti and had some decent success with their equipment. However due to Ability to get inventory and extremely poor support and lack of Engagement, I have been forced to look for alternatives.
I have tried Grandstream with Good Luck and TP-Link with not so much luck. I was notified of Alta Labs early in the spring and won a drawing for an AP Pro via the social media contest. Recently, I learned that I went to high school with the CEO so that was another reason to choose to do business with Alta. In Addition, I learned a lot of folks from a previous company I dealt with have also gone to Alta.

The Home:
These custom-built homes are typically built very high on the mountain. The builder only specializes in Custom built homes and not a base floor plan. Now before you ask this is NOT the home builder who had 2 houses slide down the mountain last winter. Floorplans are very Spacious and very nice. I have worked with the electrician for these homes on multiple projects now and am privileged to be able to bring these home to life. Sometimes we do Control4 automation systems but in this home we are not. Homes Typically Consist of A Great room, Master Bedroom, Garage(s) Guest master Bedroom, Multiple Bathrooms, Typically a Move Theater room with Stadium seating. For this house I believe we are doing a Sonos Audio System (Not My Choice) Cameras will likely come later on but unsure of the direction the buyer wants to go with this.

The Network:
We will Be Deploying 7 AP Pros mounted to the wall in Various locations around the house. Some above Tv’s in living areas, some in bedrooms. Along with 2 Alta Switches for the Core of the network. Router is going to be A Grandstream as Alta’s Current Position is (We are router agnostic) This house is not doing Ceiling AP’s. I really like the overall look and Design of Alta’s Access Points. I also like that the AP can serve as both a Ceiling Mount as a Wall mount access point. This makes it a lot easier to install and one model to serve 2 purposes. The wiring Consists of all CAT6 to each location with Typically 2 Drops per wall plate. We are using ICC Cat6HD Keystones and Le grand wall plates. The Rack will Be an ICC 4 or 8 RU. 2 RUs for the 2 switches, 1 RU for the patch panel, And the others will be used for Shelves for the amplifiers.
We use Blue and White colored keystones for our regular wall plates Purple for Cameras, Orange for AP’s (Ceiling) and Red for our ISP DMARC’s. Also, I know putting AP’s next to outlets is not the best idea or practice, however I Am not the one that placed the drops. Sparky does.

I’d Like to Give A shout out to @Alta-Tony @Alta-Chase for their help in this project. And as Special shoutout to @Alta-MikeD @Alta-Jeff @Alta-MattH I look forward to working with you guys once again and am super excited to see what the future holds for alta


Awesome story! Thanks for the detailed write-up and the pictures!
Let us know how it continues to work for you…

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Will do @Alta-MattH

Excited to see Alta in all these custom built homes in the near future. Thanks for testing and eventually choosing Alta over others for these homes! @panthergm

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your welcome @Alta-Tony

Great story! The APs look like they’ll fit into this project quite nicely. Thanks for sharing!!

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Thanks @Alta-MikeD Glad to see you onboard at Alta!

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