Multicast IPTV freeze after 1.2m update

Last night my switches (S16-POE and S8-POE) were updated with the 1.2m firmware.
This morning I noticed that my KPN (Dutch ISP) IPTV stream which goes through the LAN network with multicast traffic gives a static image +/- 5 minutes. Before the update this worked fine.

I have checked and performed the following:

  • KPN has no outage in their TV service
  • IGMP snooping is enabled on the default (and only) VLAN1
  • After rebooting the S8-POE where the KPN IPTV receiver is connected, it works again +/- 5 minutes
  • Switching to another channel also results in +/- 5 minutes of moving images again
  • The problem is each easy to reproduce, matter of watching TV and waiting +/- 5 minutes.

Setup: KPN router > S16-POE > S8-POE > KPN IPTV receiver.

A firmware rollback would come in handy now, but I read somewhere on this forum that this is not possible or will be possible in the future.
Now I have to explain this to the rest of the household :wink:

How can I/we find out what is causing this?

Edit 1:
Which SSH command can I use to pull out the logs from the switch to post here?

Edit 2:
The answer to my own question: Matter of browsing to /tmp/log/ and then looking in to the messages file.

When necessary, I can provide the ‘messages’-file.

@Niels Sorry to hear about the troubles, but I’m sure we can resolve this quickly.

To grab logs, you can download the /var/log/messages* files. I can give you some other commands to debug the IGMP snooping daemon, if necessary, via DM.


Tonight when everyone has gone to bed I can test.

Would you forward those commands?

Yes, done in DM.