Multi-vlan toggle

Can someone help me understand the functionality of the Multi-VLAN toggle? Does this have to do with AltaPass or the ability to have devices connected to the same SSID but in different VLANs (either via static assignment per MAC or via a RADIUS server?)

What change is this actually making on the AP?

Screenshot 2024-05-08 at 3.58.22 PM


@jeffk931 There are some old/buggy WiFi clients that cannot handle multiple VLANs on a single SSID, and this will disable that functionality to improve compatibility with those buggy clients. It means that the broadcast traffic will be shared between all VLANs on the SSID, which may have security implications that you’ll need to understand.


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Makes sense but I would figure the client wouldn’t have any indication of the fact that multiple VLANs are being used on the SSID.

@jeffk931 They typically won’t know, but if they receive a broadcast frame encrypted with a GTK that they don’t know about, they might think something is wrong, and leave the network.

Understood. Thank you for the clarification!