Multi site Pharmacy Project

We are about to perform a network upgrade for one of our MSP clients that have 3 sites and have chosen Alta as our network vendor.

The install in and of itself is not a difficult one:

1 x S16-POE for SIP phones and an AP (Alta naturally)
1 x AP6 The WiFi needs are modest so no need for the Pro

The upgrade will also include a UPS unit for the cabinet, not sure what the previous company were doing running a cabinet without a UPS!!?!

This is all hooked up to a MikroTik RB2011UiAS which has dual WAN failover, although both WAN connections are from vDSL so there is not diverse connectivity in place, something that we will look to rectify in the coming months.

I will post updates and a few photos as I get them.


Thanks for letting us know @CompuWhizz! Can’t wait to see how it turns out and let us know if you need any assistance in the process.

How did this project end up turning out?