Mounting and Performance

Finally got around to mounting my AP6-Pro. Performance has been great. Took a little to tweak all of the settings to get IoT devices talking properly but with the help of the awesome team at Alta as well as the various posts here in the community it’s been working flawlessly for the past month. My one AP6-Pro replaced a UniFi U6-Pro and NanoHD. Speeds have been consistent in the 300-500Mbps range.

I have seen a lot of negative posts about issues with the mount and I have to agree. I have installed a lot of APs and this by far has been the most difficult to figure out. I switched out a fan box for a regular 1 gang box. Ended up cutting the solid clip to make it easier to click in. It’s up now and even though the mount felt solidly attached to the box, the AP is showing a gap from the ceiling.

Overall this is a solid AP and I am very happy with the performance and customer service the team at Alta provides. Looking forward to seeing a local controller and firewall/router down the road so I can replace the rest of my UniFi equipment.