Mollie’s setup with Alta, running 1.1.H firmware

Here are the three ap6pro’s pictures in our house.

This is the one in the living room. The older one it’s replacing stood on the ground. This one is nicely put on the wall.

And the one on the first floor. It replaces the older one that was behind the wall with the central heating. So now it’s central in the house and not in a confined space.

Wifi got stronger by placing them higher and more central.

Lets test this out like this! And let’s tweak it. And then I will hopefully add one in the garden and in our lounge (man cave more or less where I hide from my girls and watch movies on a beamer with friends)


I added one AP63Pro for outdoors. So the garden and our garden lounge has better Wi-Fi. I needed two accespoints normally but with the Alta 1 is enough.

I need to mount it, what would you guys advice? On the wall or on the ceiling what is your opinion?
Tnx in advance Mollie


Nice work !! I fully agree these ap’s are FREAKING awesome !! I’m working on some video content and can honestly say this stuff is the best I have ever used & setup !!


How do you have it placed? on a wall or ceiling?
tnx Mollie


Great install @Mollie! The APs are built to be versatile so that they can be both wall and ceiling mounted and still have great performance. So it might just come down to personal preference. @MacGuru posted a story yesterday where it appears he has a similar set up with an AP that is wall mounted outside under an overhang. Network Upgrade


This is how it turned out


Alta-MattH, asked if i could provide the data, between Horizontal and Vertical mounting
So Here is:

Horizontal in place one, 15 meters distance from AP6Pro Signal -84 speedtest 443/468

Vertical same spot Laptop did not move: Signal -44 speedtest 479/581

Same test but in our garden house 5 meters further Only difference laptop was turned around so maybe other antenna alignment
Horizontal signal -66 Speedtest 234/166

Vertical Signal -58 sdpeedtest 406/469

and final picture how i (hanged) vertical:


This install is amazing :slight_smile:


Guys, My setup has 11.G running. And I just wanted to give positive feedback,
The site was already stable, but it even seems more stable. The load between ap’s is also better. Maybe roaming works a little better? Also on the dashboard i did not see the connection speed of the devices. This now works on all apps. So thanks for the good work!


New Firmware. 1.1.H i haven’t seen the release notes yet. But i have updated it to the new version on two AP’s the run just fine. No issues for now. Just wondering what is new or fixed. If i find something i will report


Nice to see the speedtests and the effort.
Greetings from Jurjen


Nice setup! ( big garden also). What did you had prior to Alta.?
And is it beter of same as old?

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I Replaced Eero pro 6 units for Alta 6 Pro’s. The speeds are better than i had with eero. Sometimes i have te same freeze as metioned by others. Link: Pauses on traffic - #33 by j2sw
But a whole team from alta is investigating this so i am confident that it will be fixed.

And i missed the dashboard on eero. Alta has done a nice job on this


Nice tnx

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Wow !!! my post hits the 1K views…