Missing IP Addresses in S8 Devices view

Hi all, just wondering if anyone else has encountered this and if there is something I’m doing wrong?

I’ve just installed my lovely S8-POE switch, is a thing of beauty (even with its super bright LEDs) and lives happily alongside my other equipment., which is 2 AP6 AP’s and a TP Link ER605 router.

The thing is this, I’ve connected it to my TP Link router on which I’m using some of the ports as I’ve got 9 patch cables running off to rooms in my house, the switch seems to identify them all as being on the port that the router is connected to and for that reason possibly doesn’t show the IP address? Is there perhaps a setting I need to change to get it to show the IP addresses of each device?

@NickW We do not support showing the IP address of wired devices yet, but do plan to in a future firmware release. We do support showing the IP addresses of wireless devices.

Oh, Ok cool, that will be why then :slight_smile:

Thanks for this input. I was worried I did something wrong and found it odd coming from the Omada line about the missing IPs. Looking forward to the update.

Hi There so is this true for All your switches currently? Im not showing any IP addresses on 24 port POE (S24-POE) GUI.

@Hathtechman Welcome to the community! Yes, it is currently the case for all switch models.