Missing AP and User Information

Hi guys, I’m having an issue with the interface with my AP6-Pro. It stopped showing the information under ‘load’ and ‘devices’, and now is not showing any devices which are connected under the ‘devices’ tab. I am viewing this under Chrome, and have tried Firefox also. The mobile app on my iPhone pulls up the AP6 Pro at home, but spinning loading under Top Active Devices, or when hitting the “Devices” tab on the bottom of the app.

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Looks like this user is seeing the same issue (Web Console not showing correct data after AP6Pro upgrade - #11 by Z-Tech). Will wait for 1.1f.

EDIT - Creating a secondary SSID does fix the ‘devices’ list, but still no traffic shows, and still no information under AP.

Hey there,

Same/Similar problems we are facing. Let’s hope that 1.1f fixes the issues for us.

@WisTech long time no see!

Let me check on a timeline and get back in a minute…

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It’s looking like early this week. Stay tuned :slight_smile:

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Thanks Matt! I appreciate it man!

Can you try updating now and see if it helps? v1.1f just got pushed out.
You can update by clicking the up-arrow next to the version:


Updating now!

Update complete. Certainly seeing a lot more activity in the graphs…

Updated to 1.1f. Logged out, then back in. Client data rates are now showing up, but no AP information, and no traffic graphs. Very strange!

Mobile app on my iPhone shows traffic under devices, but Web UI doesn’t.

@Alta-MattH - Whatever is going on, only appears to only affect “Live” traffic. 1H, and 2D appear to show properly.

Thanks we’ll check into that…

I just hopped on my MBP on 13.4.1c and in chrome, I can see ‘load’ and ‘devices’ correctly, and live traffic when I hit the devices tab!

Nice! Let me know if you notice that again…

I did find that under settings, all sites, it showed multiple SSIDs that were the same between an old site and my new one. Once I deleted the SSIDs that were associated to a non-existent site, now “Live” showed load and devices, and traffic graphs like it should!