MESH protocol and loops?

Guys, I’m wondering what tech the mesh is using, is it a mesh protocol or just bridging/rtsp or what?

And along those lines, if making a ‘ring’ how is directionallity and loop avoidance handled? RSTP on the switch ports?

ie, switch1>AP1>AP2>AP3>AP4>AP5>switch1. Which direction does AP3 data go? I’m not finding this info anywhere.

I have a need to build a hybrid distribution with some nodes wired and some mesh links.

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Hi @danden! We use a proprietary uplink system, and it takes into account signal strengths, how many hops to the wired network, etc. So it depends where AP3 would connect, it could connect to AP1 or AP2, etc.

There are a lot of variables :slight_smile:

how fast is it though, if it has to switch directions what kind of delay and/or drop in comms is to be expected?