Mesh AP in station mode for workstation... VLAN settings?

I am experimenting with Meshing an AP and using it for a wired workstation. It works amazingly easily! However, I want to be able to set the VLAN for the wired port on the meshed AP. In other works, I want to pick the VLAN for the connection stations. Is this currently possible?

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Hi @rutman286! Yes, you can set the VLAN on the wired port of the meshed AP.

Hi Stephen. Would you mind giving me a screenshot of where this setting is located?

@rutman286 Sorry, I just got more clarification. The traffic on the wired port of the AP is not translated, i.e. if the desktop uses VLAN 1, it will always come out VLAN 1 on the other side. The only way to do this currently is to set the VLAN on the workstation itself.