Manual Tx power adjustment

Are there plans to allow manual Tx power adjustment on a per AP basis?


@SimonNZ91 Great question! Yes, we are looking at adding that in the platform. We want to deploy in a manner that more basic users won’t get in and adjust the Tx power without really understanding the benefits and drawbacks of adjusting it. Then complain after the fact when their network isn’t performing like it should, when in reality, they forgot they adjusted the Tx power, or set it where it shouldn’t be. We love to hear ideas on how you you best see this being deployed.


Some vendors have “advanced options” that can be enabled in a tickbox in the settings. Could be an option for advanced settings like this (you could even include a warning like “these features a for wireless professionals”). In terms of where you’d adjust Tx, I’d put it under the channel width on the AP settings card.


@SimonNZ91 Good news! Our TX adjustment feature went live yesterday! Its in the AP card. On the WiFi tab. Scroll down to see the advanced options. Let us know what you think!


That’s awesome @Alta-Chase!!!

I’m super impressed with the speed of which you guys are adding features. The AP performance seems to get better with every update :smiley:


Thank you team! I am really impressed with how open and interactive you are with the community so far. Much appreciated.


@rutman286 Thank you for the kind words! We want to earn your business. We hope this is a good indicator of the partner you have in Alta Labs.

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Power settings work well but changes are not reflected on returning to the option - so for example set Medium and High the levels alter nicely - but on return to those options it remains on Auto and Auto.

@CarlH Thanks for letting us know. We’ll try to replicate this

I see the same as @CarlH. I can tell the power settings are sticking to the level you chose, but the UI goes back to showing Auto.

I see it too. Thanks guys! We’ll get it fixed shortly…

Seems to work now thanks.

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Thanks for letting us know! I was coming here to ask you to check it now :slight_smile: