Managed / unmanaged switch

I know alta have just started selling switches (not out in UK yet) but I feel they are overkill for my needs.

Essentially all my devices will be connected to the 3 ap6 pro via wireless rather than wired to devices. On the basis I am trying to understand if I have any justification for a managed switch over unmanaged?

This is in a home environment, so if we take out the need for security due to open ports etc.

I would get the alta 8 port but it doesn’t have enough juice for 3 ap, and based on my needs feels silly to wait for it and then also need injectors. The higher ports I just can’t justify for my needs. Can anyone prove me wrong or say what I am missing?

The S8-PoE can definitely run 3 APs.

We noted power usage peaking at around 12W when we were putting an AP6-PRO under load

Hope that helps

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Really? I looked at specs and it says peak 25w (which seemed high).

Is the 14w with a reduced power setting or just standard? Did you see any spikes (unsure why there would be spikes but worth asking before order) :confused:

This was a normal power setting, and it was using around 8W when idle.

I’m not sure what you would have to do to get them to use 25W !

In a house environment with multiple APs they won’t be under much constant load anyway.

7-15W is normal operating power consumption. 25W was when they were fully stress-tested in the lab, and maybe a little padding for good measures :slight_smile:

For a point of reference for “real life” home use, my two AP6-Pros are using about 7.5 watts each right now in my home environment. This is with 24 WiFi devices spread between them.

Thanks all, will put an pre order request in later :slightly_smiling_face:


I’m running three Atla PRO AP’s and a CCTV camera though the 8 port, All has been fine for about a week now!


Screenshot 2023-08-25 at 16.17.59

See photos!


Thank you

What a nice looking product :slight_smile: