Make your local controller available as a Docker container

Here’s an idea: Make your local controller available as a Docker container.

*** EDIT *** - I see this has already been suggested several times in THIS THREAD. Sorry for duplicating. In my defense, I searched for “Docker” before posting, but not “Container”.

From what I’ve read here in this forum, a lot of your customers/installers are using Firewalla and Mikrotik routers. I know some of their models are able to store and run Docker containers. That should check the box for the guys and gals who need better security than a basic router and want 2.5 Gigabit.

Additionally, Docker is easy enough to spin up in just about any environment, be it Windows, MacOS, Linux, or any Modern NAS, so it also makes sense for the people who won’t be using Firewalla.

Here’s a couple examples of devices that will work: