MAC ADDRESS not known via unboxing can be a blocker to access the web/cloud ui for the Access Point

I am using the AP6-Pro on my home network/homelab. As I work from home, I do have more than 1 physical Internet address. The ethernet network has a lot of different layers, but the AP6-Pro is starting to be incorporated.

I understand there is no self hosted application yet, but I found it hard to get the mac address configured.

I see the Ip address and other detail once the unit has access to the internet, but the physcial unit – the box sticker, etc do not expose the MAC ADDRESS for the device. The web management ui ( becomes a useful tool once the access point has a physcial address and can reach the internet.

When the network has a zero trust, the lack of knowledge on the phsycial mac address is difficult overall.

Yes I do all the network commands to get the mac address, but shouldn’t the hardware have a way to expose this detail before plugging the ethernet POE+ cable to the physical ethernet?

There are other nuances with the UI but I am trying to sort out if these are issues.

Hi @pcAltuser, thanks for posting! So the SN on the box and on the back of the AP contain the MAC address. The MAC portion of the SN starts with B. I have circled the MAC address in these pictures for an example.

Why is detail not on the pages of the pamphlet linked to the QR code or the document sheet shipped with the product?

It would look like a long serial number without knowing it.

I can see it now but this was a great way to learn as you use the product for the first time/first unboxing.