Low Coverage with AP6-Pro

That’s incredible, since my one AP6-Pro can’t cover my entire 800 SQFT home and reach to my Tesla outside which is only like 40-50’ away from the AP inside. :slight_smile:

We may want to branch this off to a different thread, but what country are you in? And what channel are you running for 2.4GHz and 5GHz? Have you done channel planning?

We can branch off if you want. :slight_smile:
2.4Ghz: 9
5Ghz: 149
Attached is the scan for my area. It’s fairly congested, but I’ve had some access points (Ruckus, TP-Link) that have had much wider coverage, but we are also in a different price category too. :slight_smile:

Is this an apples to apples comparison to one of the previous brands? i.e. same channel width, same channel(s)?

Your 2.4GHz is pretty bad, gotta love the 40MHz wide channels in 2.4GHz. 9 isn’t a great selection; 3 or 4 would be better, but not great.