Lot's Of Devices "No Name"

What causes this and them not to auto detect the device? Is this based on some sort of data base that just needs more added to it? My UniFi setup did this but not this many. Most times there devices just had the wrong name.

mine did this for the first day or so of connecting, then devices started showing manufacture names and whatever assigned names I gave them. How long ago did you setup your Alta?

Been up about 11 hours. I haven’t manually assigned any names i don’t know what most of the devices are. If i do assign a name is that saving the name to the IP or MAC? Like if i name my phone and connect with a new IP will it remember the name i set?

I was just assigning names on the devices themselves like my phone naming it nighthawk’s phone or computer nighthawks computer. The Alta AP’s eventually picked up the names.

Just wanted to follow up, is this still showing unnamed devices?

Mine does the same thing. Some of these could be Phones that are using " randomized-Mac-Addresses"


You beat me to it jlab! I was going to mention that all newer apple products, and even newer windows products are starting to use the “randomized MAC-Address” that does not provide the machine name when asked. This can of course be disabled on the individual devices… but it may not necessarily be a “problem” on the AP side.


This ^^ and this ^

iPhone and Android do this by default whenever you join a new network. You can change it in the settings both at the time of connection and after you’ve connected (be aware, you’ll drop from the WiFi and reassociate with the new MAC). Usually found under settings.

For what it’s worth, most of the No Name stuff in my network is fairly old devices and IoT related stuff.


Forgot about the random MAC. Yeah some IoT there as well but most of those do list brand so i can still somewhat tell.

@Techout did you get this sorted out?

Yes and no they still show a lot of “No Name” but looks like a side effect of randomized MAC addresses. I do have a few phones that will show names and then show “no name” and go back and fourth haven’t figured out why it works sometimes and no others.

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Just an FYI, a lot of IoT devices don’t have hostnames. I’m not sure how many can be attributed to that, but I saw your other post about some IoT devices.