Lost admin access to a site

Its a bit odd, but on the mobile app it shows I am not an admin of one of my sites. I logged into a browser to double check and it shows I am still admin. Im guessing it’s a bug for the android mobile app

I can’t say I’ve seen this before, but it certainly sounds like a bug. You could try logging out and back in if you haven’t, to see if a new session in the app resolves it.

I’m going to check with the mobile app team, and follow up.

So I was about to ask about this today, but was reading through some other discussions from testing first, and we’ve actually replicated and fixed the issue you’re seeing. It should be out in 1.8.5, or later (depending on what the next public release will be).

We released version 1.8.5 to the Play Store today. Can you please update to that and check? It should resolve your issue. Thanks!