Looking to Purchase wall Cieling Bracket to mount Alta Ap pros

Looking to Purchase wall Ceiling / Wall Bracket to mount

Alta Ap6 pros

anything out there i do not have a 3d printer etc so this is why im asking

must be Uk based thanks

I will see what we can do.

Out of curiosity, did it get broken?

i was thinking of other mounting options

Ceiling mount stand off the ceiling by an inch or 2 for heat dissapation or make my own mount with a 2x4

wall mount similar to the unifi one

did any one take my feed back about the existing mount for the existing mount for the ap6 pro

We’re in contact with our European distributor to try to get you another bracket.

Are you referring to this feedback or is it in another thread?

i did in this post A little bit of feed back mounting bracket - #4 by Alta-Chase regrding feedback update on mounting on default version

seconndly im looking at a different sort of mount that is slightly off the wall / ceiling can discuss im looking in making up something at home for a trial and somthing similar to the unifi for the wall mount stand off