Logs and logging

Wanted to add a feature request to add now or with a local controller… logging/logs

This morning noticed two cameras were offline overnight for about 1.5 minutes, wasn’t sure why others were fine. These were the two cameras connected to PoE on the switch.
No indication of an update other than a banner on the page saying a device is out of date and that disappeared on a reboot.
Some basic logging on the cloud and more logging options on the local controller when it’s available.
Nothing necessarily wrong with syslog, something more relative is great.

Could also have missed where this is located on the UI. If you can guide me that would be appreciated.

Thank you

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If it helps mine rebooted last night as it auto updated (if you have Automatic device updates turned on) and it killed all my devices for about 3 minutes. If you hover over the load icon it should say the uptime.

Back to your point, what kind of logs are you wanting? I currently use syslog as I had a little PC on already.

Thanks @WhyAydan didn’t realize uptime value is visible there.

A few suggestions to provide as a minimum set of logs:

  • Alta device up/downs
  • Alta device offline/online (we get emails for these now)
  • Network device up/downs
  • Network device roaming

I’m sure others have some additional desires, this to me is the basics.


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