Local Controller Option Please

Can we please get an option for a local controller? I have absolutely no problem buying an appliance for this purpose, such as the UniFi Cloud Key Gen II, or the TP-Link Omada OC300. I know there are others that will want an option for a container, or a VM, or a linux install option. But please, please consider giving us a locally hosted option that does not require cloud connection. There are a lot of businesses and household individuals today that do not want anything to do with could only controllers.


@stephan I would definitely give them a try at home! I am absolutely loving these access points. I appreciate the cloud controller very much as well, and the responsiveness of controller is second to none in my opinion. I just know there are business that will not even allow Alta to be considered if they don’t offer a local management option.

I too would be on the lookout for a linux install as that is how I run my ‘other company’ stack at present for my clients. Nothing like direct control of the controller!

I think the most deal-breaking thing for the end user is data confidentiality, that all of their data would be available to others, unless a local controller is used.

That’s our main issue when we present the cloud solution.

I also would really much appreciate local controller option, preferably software which can be run in container for easy deployment!

More to come soon :slight_smile:

I’m seeing a BIG move from cloud to local/private infrastructure. Between obvious privacy issues in ‘public cloud’ environments to connectivity issues to those same providers.

I would love an installable controller that I can host on my own infrastructure. An appliance is of very little interest to me (by little, I mean zero), that’s usually just a model to sell more hardware. I have virt infrastructure and that’s where I want a controller to live.

Without a local controller a lot of the folks we deal with won’t even consider the kit. You also have to think about the countries you’re in that stipulate that citizen’s data can’t leave the borders of that country.

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Alta Labs is a new contender in the market and of course there is no guarantee that they will last. I am very interested on the products and as alternative to existing contenders like Unifi, Omada, Aruba Instant ON, Meraki GO and similar.

Running Cloud hosted solution like the current business model from Alta has some implications:

  • Running costs to maintain their Cloud infrastructure that can be recovered by selling one time their products to clients (not recurring revenue).
  • Clients like me doesn’t like subscription models, so it will be a non-starter if Alta decides to change its business model in the future (i.e., Financial constrain)
  • If Alta goes out of business for whatever reason, their Cloud Hosting solution and controller will be sunset and all the devices will bricked (granted, it continue to work with the current configuration but you cannot do any changes moving forward not get any telemetry on the data collected by the platform).

For me to consider seriously Alta Labs to buy for myself and offer to any of my clients is the option to deploy and host my own controller (even if I don’t use it or need it on day 1) but this alternative will give me piece of mind that I can continue using the hardware even if Alta goes out of business or their Cloud is not available or Alta decides to change their current business model to start charging to use their Cloud controller.

Until I don’t see this I will continue using other options.

Hi @ksteink! Welcome to the community.

I’ll add a few comments:

  1. We don’t plan to go out of business, but I can understand your concerns.
  2. We are working on a locally hosted option
  3. Whatever features you see now we plan to continue to not charge for them, but we do have some more advanced features we might charge for later.

Either way, we do promise to our customers that we’ll be 100% transparent as we grow :slight_smile:


Thanks for your comments. Will consider Alta Labs after I see the local controller available :).

Good luck and hope I see it soon available.


  1. Hardly any business “plans” to go out of business.
  2. That sounds great.
  3. Eeeh…

My friends house, my parents house, my house … I’ve equipped them all with Ubiquiti hardware and locally running controllers.
In six months I’m moving and I need to setup a network again. Time for new hardware.
Alta Labs looks interesting, but absolutely not a contender without a local controller.

Great that people trust the cloud more and more. But I don’t want my local network to be dependant on the cloud. That is a very bad idea.
It’s a nice option for some, and perhaps also nice to have it as a dual-setup … primary/secondary controller. But cloud-only is a bad idea for many people.

Any updates you guys can provide on the local controller, please share :slight_smile:

To add to #3, that was a little ambiguous. We’ll keep adding features (for free). But eventually we may add some “premium” features later on …

We are working on a local controller option now, after all of the feedback. We’ll post more info soon.

Thanks for the feedback!


Hey Matt,

Are you gonna update this thread when the local option comes out?

Yes, we’ll make an announcement and keep everyone updated when we’re closer to releasing. If anyone’s interested in beta-testing let us know :slight_smile:

Please add us to the beta local controller list.

We will happily help beta test

@Alta-MattH Sign me up for the beta! and any other betas for that matter.

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I’ve still got a couple more years left before my current solution will start showing it’s age, but if you guys have a 48 port 2.5gig switch, a 24 port 10 gig switch and container based/possible management by then I will very likely buy your full solution.

Going to plus one the local controller option / host able controller for MSPs.

Currently trialling the hardware and happy thus far.

Happy to be considered for Beta and feedback.

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