Large volume of DNS traffic from AP

I’ve had a couple of AP6 PRO’s installed now for a couple of weeks and notice that there are calls to the following DNS providers pretty much every minute.

What is the requirement for this? It does seem to be somewhat excessive in comparison to the older Unifi AP’s that these units have replaced.

Lost my ISP yesterday for a couple hours and the amount of DNS queries going out from the system was intense.
There were several requests per second logged here.
Assumption being Alta is cloud managed with near realtime stats and so the DNS queries need to be almost constant. Would have assumed some level of caching or TTL.

It’s essentially a health check. The APs should make a call once every 30 seconds, as long as there are no drops. There is a feature called Always On (default enabled), that when disabled, would turn off the SSIDs when the network goes down.

This is likely related to the health check, but unfortunately I’m not sure the rate to expect when the network goes down. I will find out and follow up with you.

Appreciate the response.

I did initially have them blocked due to exisiting firewall rules and it didn’t appear to make a difference to functionaility but based on what you have advised I assume that would be because I have Always On switched on.

Might it be possible if Always On is enabled that these requests could be disabled if they are simply checks for web connectivity?

Good question. I’m not sure what to expect here. That’s a very valid question, which I’ll ask too, and follow up later.

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Interesting approach to turn the APs down when network is unavailable.
If your egress is not available turning the SSIDs down seems like a less than optimal situation. Keep the network running while egress is down, perhaps reduce the health check interval or query interval.
Would be interested in understanding what you find out in your lab environment when the Altas can resolve it’s phone home.

Were you able to get any feedback on this?

@Ultra2220 Sorry for the delayed response here. We have increased TTL to 1 hour so you shouldn’t see this going forward. Thanks for the feedback. Please let us know if you see anything else!

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That’s great. Thanks for the update and the TTL change.

As an end user its fantastic to have an active forum where the manufacturer takes on board feedback from users and makes changes for the good where appropriate.

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