Lab environment setup

Hello all you fine folks!
I am setting up an Alta labs - lab environment, currently I have an AP6 (not pro) and have a 16 port switch coming in so I can have a test environment. I plan to test the stand alone controller in this setup.

My main question, would there be significant gain if I were to have an AP6-Pro as well, or instead of the standard AP6? Also, what, if anything else should I consider having in order to test scenarios for implementations?

And, is there a way to virtualize any of the Alta bits (other than the controller)? I know it would be hard to virtualize an AP, but switches maybe? Anyway, if anyone has any input on this, feel free to sound off.


Hi @scatterday !

It would depend on your environment if you would benefit from an additional AP6-Pro. As for the software, they’re similar, but a few hardware upgrades.

There’s also no way to virtualize the local device software, and it’s persistent on the device. So it will continue to operate even if it loses connectivity to the control platform.

Hope that helps!