Just got our lab and it rocks!

Hi there All,

So we just stood up our lab and right out the gate im very impressed. we are running throughput and coverage tests as we speak and will have some info middle of next week to post on that data.

That said, the first gotcha…and im thinking this could really help with larger deployments…the AP doesnt appear to support LLDP…so this is what im calling my first big thing on the wishlist…LLDP…it’s a must have…even if it’s only offering limited info on the device.

aside from that complaint, I am very impressed with the product at this point. ill report back with said report shortly. All of my sidekicks are out in the field making money right now…so I cant walk the ap coverage out until my guys get back to home base. that said, we will do a Alta/Cisco/Meraki side by side walk and show the differences in coverage with AP models/antennas (where that makes sense).

Great Job Guys, Great Product so far!!!



Thanks @Eric_Sigoloff ! Glad you like the APs. We are adding support for LLDP soon, stay tuned :slight_smile:


Awesome, that is Great News!

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