Just awaiting the ap6

fedex has messed up on my delivery so hmmmm

i will be ripping out the old aps and swapping it for the ap6 pros but i will test 1 first for range

this is currently running my unifi aps equiptment i did not use unifi switches so im not using controller for my switches as they are from the edge switches range
but as soon as your switches and routers come out i will have a look at them

just a quick low down on my exisiting network
i have currently Vlan tagged networks

|guest vid 10|eth7.10|vlan
|lan to modem|eth7.90|vlan this is internal a way of me reaching the modem
|iot devices|eth7.107|
this is all on edge router 8 ubiquiti
off to [rack] Edge switch 24 500 w
then off 2 another [midrm] Edge switch 24 500 w
all with same vlan
i also have starlink on another router going to the midrm to rack switch Vlan tagged 574 yes theres 2 routers on my network

Excited to see how your results go! Please keep us updated…

got my aps yesterday this is a follow up

great product and looking smarter then your average bear just installed 2 aps more to follow for the other 2 total 4 aps
the mounting screws i prefer 3 points of contact
top left and right
to my walls here in the uk as i found that the bracket was a bit flimsy on one side possible make a metal version of the bracket
here is one of my aps this ones in the kitcken my other one is just sat on top of my synology nas temporary position

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just swapped out the landing ap now too
issues i had
attaching the ap was harder then i thought being upsidedown i would like more strenth in the ap bracket possibbly steel bracket same as before plastic i felt like i was going to snap

just got repaint ceiling now from my old ap that was a circle and seems to have burnt a ring

All in all extremely happy

heres 2 of my speed test over Star link and Bt business in the uk

StarLink starlink is on same network Vlan tagged 574

Bt business main network 80 /20 line speed i get about 73/73 and up load 18 /19