Just a little extra

We received a question from an electrician about delivering wireless coverage in a new house/cottage.
They intended to use only one mesh system…

I went out to have a look at this as it was over 35 meters long and it was a log building.

I quickly saw that a single mesh system would not do the job.

Fortunately, not everything was finished, and there were some free tractor pipes so that we could place some better access points.

Unfortunately, these points were very visible, and it would not look good with white.
I had a local supplier foil the APs to match the walls.

I think the result was very good, and the customer was extremely satisfied with the extra service

I used 4 pcs AP6 and 1 pc S16-POE

Had to add som pictures from his custom made lamp



Looks great! Thanks for sharing!

That’s an insanely detailed wrap, looks fantastic!

Awesome work, Trond!

I love the chandelier made out of the old skis as well.