IT Experterne in Denmark: Our Experience with Alta Lab

We, IT Experterne in Denmark, are proud of our partnership with Alta Lab and our full support for their innovative products.

We have already deployed over 40 AP6 PRO devices and have experienced a significant improvement in WiFi speed. The user-friendly controller makes it easy for us to update and monitor the equipment.

We would like to highlight the outstanding reliability that Alta Lab products have shown. Despite occasionally receiving service emails stating that the equipment is down, we have found that this is not actually the case. We have even conducted extensive tests in our own office to confirm this. Despite service messages indicating that the equipment is offline, it remains online and operates flawlessly.

Alta Lab has not only improved our network performance but has also proven to be a reliable partner, delivering quality products and outstanding support. We look forward to continued collaboration with Alta Lab and to continuing to benefit from their innovative solutions.


We did have some spurious notifications within the past two weeks, but those issues should be resolved. Please let us know if you see an incorrect notification again.



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