IT Experterne fromDenmark: Setting Up WiFi for Hotels

We were contacted by a hotel that needed full WiFi coverage throughout their four-story building, including 20 rooms as well as common areas such as the fitness center, sauna, spa, etc. Previously, they had experienced problems with their existing WiFi setup, which consisted of a mix of Ubiquiti and a little Grandstream equipment, often losing connection and not functioning optimally.

We immediately set out to assist them and ran cables throughout the entire hotel. With just 7 access points from Alta Lab, we managed to effectively cover the entire area. Now, the hotel has stable and reliable WiFi coverage that works seamlessly, significantly improving the guests’ experience. We constantly receive positive feedback from the hotel and their guests about the improved internet experience.

We have also implemented Alta Lab switches, and our next step is to integrate their router into our network. With Alta Lab’s solutions, we are confident that we will have an even more stable and efficient network that can be seamlessly managed from the ISP router. We are really looking forward to the new router from Alta Lab and the next step in our collaboration with them.