Issues connecting Epson printer to wireless

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Has anyone faced an issue connecting Epson 2810 to wireless. In my case I can see printer is getting ip address. However I cannot find printer using the Epson app.

I disabled 5ghz. So my mobile and printer were on same channel, they were on same network. No firewall between them.
I removed Alta AP and plugged in my old Asus router and everything started working.

I had similar experience with smart power strip that time I thought it was power strip and returned the product. This time I am certain it is Alta AP

What do your settings look like on the SSID that your mobile and printer are connected to?

I am using same MPSK for mobile and printer. Devices connected to this SSID using MPSK drop into VLAN 30 (IoT). Every other setting is default.
I disabled 5ghz radio, rebooted the AP but still same issue.

You won’t be able to use the IoT network type and communicate with the printer. The IoT network type would allow connections from other network types as long as they’re established from that network type

For example:
Let’s say instead of a printer, you have an FTP server (using for simplicity)
Computer is in a Small Network Type
FTP is in the IoT Network Type

If the computer attempts to reach the FTP server directly and first, it will work and you can transfer files back and forth.
If the FTP server tries to reach the computer as the first connection attempt, it will fail
It’s a question of “New” vs. “Established” connections

The printer is likely using broadcast communication to let devices on the network know “hey I’m here” but, because it’s on an IoT network, that broadcast communication gets killed at the AP level.

One thing you could attempt is to switch the IoT network to Small, discover the printer, then switch it back to IoT and see if you’re still able to print. However, I’m not sure if a printer properly falls under the category of IoT. So it may be wise just to put it on a non-IoT network.


Thanks sorted by changing the MPSK from internet to standard.

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Glad to see its resolved :slight_smile: