ISP Supplies RMA Process

Has anyone went through their process?

I submitted an RMA request over a week ago and haven’t heard anything back. I’ve sent multiple emails, without any responses.

Seems a little strange to have no communication around an RMA process.

I tried a few weeks ago as well (for a non-Alta product) and never heard anything. They do answer the phone on weekdays though so I should try that route.

Would Alta consider working with in the U.S.? I have an excellent working relationship with them, and have never had any issues with RMAs or the like either.

Ethan and Isaac, please send me email directly about your RMA’s. I will make sure they get handled right away.


I guess I will have to try and call them. That’s a shame that they have an RMA process form, but no one checks them I guess. I will have to purchase Alta from somewhere else at this point.

My apologies to everyone that posted here. Today by close of business, we will have revamped our RMA process to the point that it will be effective and timely going forward. I personally take responsibility for any slowdowns or lack of communication with which you may have become a victim, and I assure you it will be solved before employees leave for the day today.


This is why I always choose ISP Supplies when I can! Thanks for the transparency and commitment.

As long as this is upheld, I have no issue continuing to use ISP Supplies. :slight_smile:

Hello everyone,

Ethan I just left you a voicemail and your RMA is good to go. Please ship in the faulty unit and we will send you a replacement asap.

Isaac please give me a call direct so that we could make sure your RMA is also moving along in a timely manner. My direct number is (979) 431-4727 or you can also email me at

I wanted to also post some RMA info in case anyone else is needing assistance. The initial step would be to please reach out to the ALTA Labs team for troubleshooting of your device and to initiate the manufacturer RMA (Warranty). Once this RMA is approved by ALTA Labs, please complete our online RMA form with the info at : RMA Return Request | ISP Supplies and ship in the faulty unit once you receive your RMA Approval email. Our complete RMA Policy can be found at RMA Returns Policy

Thank you!

Thank you for the assistance, everything is kosher on my end. I just need to ship it back.


My RMA was delivered on the 17th of May. I have not had an email since then, and I still have not received a replacement. I reached out to ISP Supplies, and they are awaiting confirmation from Alta Labs for my replacement.

So, if this were a device in someone’s house, they would be without an AP for a half of a month. I don’t know what normal practice in the networking space is, but this seems a little insane to me. I have went through the RMA process for other brands, and it’s usually been a week turnaround time in total, we will be going on three weeks pretty soon.

Overall, Alta has a great product. The RMA process needs to be fixed, and I cannot order with ISP Supplies going forward, because this process has been over a month since I initially contacted them.

I will update again.

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Hello, I experienced the same thing. RMA process sometimes takes longer. I have already sent in 3 access points and 2 are still open. are being processed by the supplier, I believe the suppliers do not have any goods in stock for direct exchange, they may have to wait for goods from Alta Labs themselves. That takes a little longer… that’s my experience. the products are good. Unfortunately, the process is quite laborious

Understood. I would just like some communication around how long I should expect to wait, etc. I can’t just throw my hands up in the air to a customer and say, “I don’t know.” lol

It’s all good, I’m not angry or anything, just making sure other people are aware of the process right now.

@Ethan-DDI @TomLeo Thanks for bringing this to my attention. Both of your RMAs should bot be taking this long. At all. I will get to the bottom of this in the AM.


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@Ethan-DDI @TomLeo Public facing follow up for whomever is watching this thread. Thank you for providing the RMA details. I have a call with the ISP team in the AM to see where we can work together to clear out any log jams on this process.

More to come!

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@Ethan-DDI @TomLeo Great news. We had a huddle with the ISP team and where able to identify where our log jam was. Based on an internal systems and communications issue between both of our companies. That has been resolved, and RMAs are being caught up and cleared out. Please let us know if you have any further questions or concerns.

Thank you!